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75 Scrambles in Oregon

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Barbara I. Bond

Barbara I. Bond is a climbing instructor and trail trip leader for the Mazamas, an Oregon mountaineering organization.
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Book Errata

Scrambling is the bridge between hiking and rock climbing — more adventurous than hiking, less extreme than climbing. Scrambling involves off-trail travel, sometimes using your hands for balance and safety, and does not require any technical rock climbing equipment. You get to the summit by scrambling!

Oregon has a diverse landscape that is divided into nine ecoregions — specific areas with similar environmental characteristics. The routes in 75 Scrambles in Oregon take place in six different ecoregions. So get out and scramble! to the top of some of Oregon's most beautiful and remote peaks.

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75 Scrambles in Oregon: best nontechnical ascents
by Barbara I. Bond
256 pages, 110 b&w photos, 77 maps, paperbound.
$18.95 The Mountaineers Books, 2005

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