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75 Scrambles in Oregon

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Paper: Oregonian, The (Portland, OR)
Author: JONATHAN NICHOLAS - The Oregonian
Date: March 11, 2005
Section: LIVING
Page: E01

Bond Girl's Mad Scramble

Barbara Bond is a 'tweener. She lives in a nether world between Oregon archetypes.

The Trailers are those who love wandering country paths wearing fleece vests and beatific smiles.

The Hangers-On don't much like the outdoors -- unless it's vertical. They love dangling from rock walls wearing little more than chalk. Bond lies between. She calls herself "a scrambler." She's just written a book trying to make you one, too. Scrambling, Bond says, is "the bridge" between hiking and climbing. Mostly it involves tromping off trail and scurrying up scree. Only occasionally does it involve traverses so steep that death -- what scramblers technically refer to as "exposure" -- waits below. In "75 Scrambles in Oregon," (The Mountaineers Books, $18.95, 256 pages), Bond offers detailed directions to peak experiences in all the usual suspects, the Cascades, the Siskiyous, the Wallowas, as well as in many lesser-known spots in the Strawberries and Steens. One note of caution: Bond, who looks to weigh about 103 pounds, is the kind of woman who asks a visiting gentleman whether he might be interested in a personal bout of "extreme bushwhacking." You have been warned!

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