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75 Scrambles in Oregon

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About the Author

Barbara I. BondBarbara I. Bond is a freelance writer and active member of Mazamas, a non-profit mountaineering organization that was established July 19, 1894, on the summit of Mt. Hood.

Barbara teaches in Mazamas' basic, intermediate, and advanced rock schools and has served on their executive council as well as other committees. Barbara enjoys participating in many endurance activities, including long-distance hiking, trail running, and road biking.

Having had an early introduction to the outdoors, Barbara camped and hiked in California's Sierra Nevada and Santa Cruz Mountains as a youth. She now enjoys an active life that includes biking, camping, hiking, and skiing with her family. She has climbed extensively in Oregon and California, also in Arizona, New Mexico, Tanzania, Switzerland, Italy, and France.

Barbara divides her time between Portland, Oregon and Chicago, Illinois.

Jonathan Nicholas wrote about Barbara in The Oregonian, March 11, 2005.

Email: barbara@oregonscrambles.com

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